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Tony Adamo — Tony Adamo And The New York Crew

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August 17, 20152772-1601
August 10, 201521518-906
August 3, 201518027-407
July 27, 201516731+109
July 20, 201517930+7014
July 13, 201521423-28010
June 29, 201511651+15316
June 22, 201515536+11114
June 15, 201520525-10211
June 8, 201515835+1013
June 1, 201516234-8117
May 25, 201514942+9319
May 18, 201517133-7211
May 11, 201514340+8313
May 4, 201516732+10614
April 27, 201519122+18610
April 20, 20152604+444
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  • Tony Adamo & The New York Crew (2015)5 Stars



    Published: April 4, 2015

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    Some wit once quipped that when you go to Heaven, you hear the voice of
    God—who is actually imitating the late, great “movie trailer guy,” Don
    LaFontaine. If that’s so, for those jazzers entering the Heavenly corner
    reserved for bereted hipsters and late-night flipsters, Big G must
    assuredly be trying to cop Tony Adamo.

    Now let’s get this out at Bar One: Adamo, like Beluga caviar, is indeed
    and in deed an acquired taste. The prophet and proponent of
    “hipspokenword,” his is a unique oral gumbo of supremely involving
    lyric, funky jazz talk, historical tilt, cultural commentary, and
    no-jive lingo. And on this effort, it is all infectiously served up over
    a bed of meticulously played white-hot jazz.

    With Tony Adamo and the New York Crew, Adamo and his mates follow up his terrific Miles of Blu
    (2013, Random Act Records) and take things to an even hipper, higher
    performance level. This gang soars brilliantly across eleven selections
    that offer this rhapsode’s poignant urban-hip Apple-jacked-up
    spoke-sung stuff, backed by a killer quintet. This is high-energy fruit
    that kicks tail right off with Adamo riffing on free jazz stalwart, Eddie Gale (“Gale Blowin High”). And, the intensity doesn’t ever let up for ten more tracks, yo.

    As hip and talented as Adamo is, the supporting ensemble is as muscular and swinging as its leader. Drummer Mike Clark, he of Headhunters fame, pushes this group rhythmically to extremes. Pianist Michael Wolff stretches out neatly at every corner and bassist Richie Goods drives things like a mad trainman. The front line horns of saxophonist Donald Harrison and trumpeter Tim Ouimette
    (who wrote the music and horn charts) are as swinging, funky and free
    as the Big Apple itself (“Buddhist Blues” “To Bop or Not to Be”). They
    cook hotter and with more intensity than a roomful of Cul-school white

    Adamo’s “hipspokenword” street-seasoned lyrics and
    jazzman salutes emanate from his ballsy baritone and his hard, hard
    swing is narco-addictive (“Mama’s Meat Pies” “Wisdom of Oz”). There’s
    power and truth being dealt when this cat lets fur fly (“Picasso at
    Midnite,” here told over Ouimette’s solid free cries and Clark’s
    fireworks). The addition of Eddie Harris’s “Listen Here” complete with Harrison’s blow and Adamo’s vocal lines and the Art Blakey
    acknowledgement, “Messengers Burnin,’ would have a subway rodent grab
    his lid, come up and see the light and head non-stop to catch the late
    show at the Blue Note.

    Tony Adamo and the New York Crew is a romp—a fascinating and swinging vision seen through the hippest and most talented of Ray-Bans. Double dig?

    Track Listing: Gale Blowin High; City Swings, Buddhist Blues; You
    Gotta B Fly; Mama’s Meat Pies; To Bop or Not to Be; Picasso at Midnite;
    Wisdom of Oz; Listen Here Listen Up; General T; Messengers Burnin

    Personnel: Tony Adamo: vocals, hipspokenword; Mike Clark: drums;
    Donald Harrison: alto saxophone; Tim Ouimette: trumpet;Michael Wolff:
    piano; Richie Goods: bass; Bill Summers: percussion (1,4,5);Jean C.
    Santalis: guitar (4).

    Record Label: Urbanzone Records

    Style: Vocal

  • WNMC 90.7 Traverse City

    Small-Town Station, World-Class Radio

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    Tony Adamo “Buddhist Blues” from J-056 _ Tony Adamo & the New York Crew

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    Tony Adamo “The City Swings” from J-056 _ Tony Adamo & the New York Crew

    Apr 13th 2015 10:28am
    Tony Adamo “Listen Here Listen Up” from J-056 _ Tony Adamo & the New York Crew

    Apr 10th 2015 2:44pm
    Tony Adamo “Messengers Burnin” from J-056 _ Tony Adamo & the New York Crew

    Apr 10th 2015 1:54pm
    Tony Adamo “Listen Here Listen Up” from J-056 _ Tony Adamo & the New York Crew

  • Dr.
    Brad Stone/Plays Tony Adamo & The New York Crew

    for Episode 68 (first airing on 4-23-15)

    Creative Source”, on http://www.soulandjazz.com

    Brad Stone

    for Episode 68 (first airing on 4-23-15)

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