Jukebox Jury selections from 2016 Jazz Connect conference

Dr. Brad Stone, host of The Creative Source at soulandjazz.com, moderated the Jukebox Jury panel at the 2016 Jazz Connect Conference.

While not every track could be played at the session, Brad wanted to share the list of tracks he had prepared. He shared these comments on Facebook:

Here is the summary that I promised of the 41 tracks selected for this year’s Jazz Jukebox Jury. I have given you artist — track title — album title — label when possible (also other info when possible, such as release date or radio add date, promoter, etc.).

Please do not pay attention to the order or position on the list — except note that the first 10 tracks are the ones that we got to during the hour long panel. I regret that we couldn’t get to more, we had a bit of a glitch with the computer crashing during the panel — but we did the best we could. The main reason for doing the Jury is for others to get a glimpse of the selection process that M.D.s/P.D.s go through in choosing the music that makes it on the air at their respective stations, and I thought that this year’s panel did an admirable job in giving the audience an idea of what the process is like. I’d like to thank this year’s panel — truly an austere group of radio programmers — Mark Ruffin, Linda Yohn, Michael Valentine, Arturo Gomez and Claudia Russell (I’d like to start a radio station with that group!).

If I’ve made any mistakes, please feel free to respond, or to add additional information. In the interest of a short stop—set, I’ve purposely neglected to mention all the artists appearing on each track, the recording studio, what they had for breakfast, etc.

The light is still on, in the Jazz Lobby.


The following is the list of tracks:

  1. Jason Miles — Sassy Stew — To Grover with Love (Live in Japan) — Whaling City Sound (March 11 release, The Tracking Station).
  2. Henry Robinett — Zebra Crossing — I Have Known Mountains — Nefertiti Records (early 2016 release).
  3. Jae Sinnett — Double Dribble — Zero to 60 — J—Nett (radio adds Feb. 8).
  4. Kathy Kosins — Miss Martha — Uncovered Soul — Membran (release early June, Matthias Kirsch).
  5. Renee Rosnes — Galapagos — Written in the Rocks — Smoke Sessions (Groov Marketing).
  6. Jeremy Pelt — Desire — ‪#‎JIVECULTURE‬ — High Note (The Tracking Station).
  7. Steve Barta (arranger), Claude Bolling (composer) — Javanaise — Symphonic Arrangement: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio — Steve Barta Music (Dr. Jazz Operations).
  8. Zach Larmer Quartet f. John Daversa— — On the Dock — Inner Circle — self—released (early 2016).
  9. Allison Adams Tucker — Pure Imagination — Wanderlust (Matt Pierson, producer; June release).
  10. Etienne Charles — Cahuita — San Jose Suite (soon to be released).
  11. The Dave Flippo Trio — If Six Were Nine — Life on Mars — Oppilf Records (early 2016, Kate Smith).
  12. Peter Erskine — Hawaii Bathing Suit — Dr. Um (Jan. 15, Ben Scholz, Chris DiGirolamo).
  13. Luis Perdomo — The Sky Beyond — Hottone Music (radio adds 4/11, Craig Neely).
  14. Hristo Vitchev Quartet — Without Words, As the Full Moon Shines — In Search of Wonders — First Orbit Sounds (radio adds late February, Groov Marketing)
  15. Bill O’Connell and the Latin Jazz All—Stars — Awani — Heart Beat — Savant (The Tracking Station).
  16. Yelena Eckemoff — Love Train — Leaving Everything Behind — L&H Productions (May, 2016; Groov Marketing & Promotion).
  17. Jason Kao Hwang — In the Wind There is a Presence #2 — Voice — Innova (early 2016, Kate Smith).
  18. Richard Howell and Sudden Change — Guardian of the Groove — Burkina (early 2016, Craig Neely).
  19. Socrates Garcia — Calle el Conde a las 8:00 — MAMA/Summit (Dr. Jazz Operations).
  20. Dawan Muhammad — Quiet Nights — Kidz Stuff — Lifeforce Jazz (Kate Smith).
  21. Gabriel Mervine — Blues for Jim — People — Syncopated Energy Music (early 2016, MFA).
  22. Jeff Coffin — The Mad Hatter Rides Again — The Inside of the Outside — Ears Up (radio adds 1/18, Groove Marketing and Promotion).
  23. Ken Fowser — Head Start — Standing Tall — Posi—tone (1/15 release).
  24. Dick Oatts/Mats Homquist/N.Y.J.O. — Cantaloupe Island — A Tribute to Herbie +1 — Summit Records (early 2016, Dr. Jazz).
  25. Cheryl Bentyne — The Masquerade — Summit (Dr. Jazz).
  26. Mimi Jones — Fall — Feet in the Mud — Hot Tone Music (early 2016, Craig Neely).
  27. Greg Diamond — Synesthesia (summer 2016 or 2017).
  28. Danny Green — Katabasis — Altered Narratives — OA2 (produced by Matt Pierson, March 18 release).
  29. Clotilde Rullaud — Save the Children — A Woman’s Journey (April, 2016; Kate Smith).
  30. Christian Tamburr — La Lucha Dura — People Talk — self released (early 2016, Groov)
  31. Brian Andres and the Afro—Cuban Jazz Cartel — Bacalaitos — This Could Be That — Bacalao Records (early 2016, MFA).
  32. George Dudley — We Can All Be Happy — Happy Kenyatta — Lifeforce Jazz (Dawan Muhammad).
  33. Mundell Lowe — Line for Lyons — Poor Butterfly — THOC Records (early 2016, Dr. Jazz).
  34. Curtis Robinson — Love Will Find A Way — Dancing in the Street (early 2016, Craig Neely).
  35. June Bisantz — It’s Always You — Sings Chet Baker, Vol. 2 — self—released (Dr. Jazz).
  36. Keith Brown — Capt’n Kirk — The Journey — Space Time Records (early 2016, Craig Neely).
  37. Alan Broadbent/London Metropole Orchestra — Naima (Jan Matthies).
  38. INNERrOUTe — Morpheus Awakens — Fourmation — Planet Arts (already released, at radio).
  39. Ismael Carlo & Bobby Matos — What Is This — Café con Bagels (Lifeforce Jazz imprint, Dawan Muhammad).
  40. Leslie Pintchick — Let’s Get Lucky — True North (Groov)
  41. Michael Spiro & Wayne Wallace La Orchesta Sinfonietta — La Propaganda de Hoy — Canto América — Patois (2/12 radio adds, Kate Smith).