About JazzWeek

JazzWeek was founded in August 2001 after trade publication The Gavin Report ceased publishing a jazz radio chart, and has published weekly jazz radio airplay charts since that time and smooth jazz charts until February 2012.

From August 2001 to November 2004, JazzWeek published jazz and smooth jazz charts using airplay reports submitted by stations. From November 2004 until February 2012, data for JazzWeek reports came from Mediaguide, Inc., a now-defunct airplay monitoring service.

After Mediaguide’s demise in February 2012, JazzWeek returned to publishing the weekly jazz chart using airplay reports submitted by stations. The smooth jazz chart was discontinued.

Subscriptions to data gathered by JazzWeek are available at http://www.jazzweek.com/.

Beginning in 2002 and every year except 2006 and 2013, JazzWeek has hosted the JazzWeek Summit, a gathering of jazz radio and records industry people for an intensive two- to three-day conference. In 2002-04, and 2007-2011, the Summit was hosted in JazzWeek’s headquarters city, Rochester, N.Y. The 2005 Summit was in Syracuse, N.Y., and the 2012 Summit was held in Detroit. Since 2014, the Summit has been held in August in San Jose, Calif., on the two days leading up to each year’s San Jose Jazz Summerfest.

JazzWeek was co-founded by editor/publisher Ed Trefzger and the publication is owned by Trefzger Media LLC.