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May 27: Dave Stryker is No. 1

Published on May 23, 2019, by in Latest Jazz Chart.

No. 1 on the JazzWeek Jazz Chart and most reported (60 stations) is Dave Stryker Eight Track III (Strikezone). Biggest mover (+83) and highest debut (No. 15) is Mary Stallings Songs Were Made to Sing (Smoke Sessions). Most added (+33) is Nicki Parrott From New York to Paris (Arbors).

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  1. Mort Weiss

    This is back in the day when there were Record stores- before down loading – wiped we lessor known jazz musicians out. Mort Weiss SMS JAZZ “The Mort Report” @ All About Jazz.

  2. Mort Weiss

    One of my best albums. Mort