The meta-genre S.W.A.T. team

KMHD’s Matt Fleeger writes a piece today in Vortex with the provocative title, “Why Isn’t Jazz Popular?” While he admits he doesn’t have all the answers, he does point a finger at one group: the jazz police. A narrow mindset toward¬†what Matt calls the “meta-genre” of jazz will limit the sound of your station and … Read more

Some new additions to the site

It was pointed out to us at the Jazz Connect conference that some releases that drop late in the year don’t make it very high on the JazzWeek year end top 100 because airplay has been split between two years.

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Sharing my opinions

I’m just back from the extremely successful 2016 Jazz Connect conference in New York City.

JazzWeek was host to two panel sessions and two workshops. And the great value of those to the jazz industry (for lack of a better term) was clear in how many people attended and how people responded. 

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